Altamonte Springs commercial playground systems
Altamonte Springs

Altamonte Springs is a play system with a cool and modern design that focuses on encouraging physical activity during playtime. The center of the structure is a Tower of Rings, with three suspended rings that kids can climb upwards through. The rest of the structure branches out from the tower in three different directions, extending the play area, giving kids plenty of room to play. They can traverse the wobbly Overhead Parallel Bar Climber to reach the Floating Tunnel Climber (which nicely matches the Tower of Rings). Alternatively, they can climb laterally across the side of the Net Climber to reach the Curved Panel Climber which has hole inserts that perfectly fit the foot of young children. The last of the three branches has a Tilted Lily Pad Bridge which will lead kids on an exciting journey to the Overhead Spinner located parallel to the Saddle Slide. The Saddle Slide’s narrow shape provides a rewarding feeling as they shimmy down.

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