Backyard Billings Playground

Comprised of a tall tower and short tower linked by an Incline Tube Bridge, Billings is an impressive play system. The shorter tower serves as an entrance to its taller neighbor, and has a Double Slide and Ship’s Wheel. The 6 foot high deckvof the larger tower makes it a prominent structure that will be seen and admired from all over the playground! Children can reach the top of the tower by either crawling up the Incline Tube Bridge via the lower tower, or by scaling the Snake Climber. This tower makes good use of its impressive height. On one side, there is a Bubble Panel window that offers a birds-eye view for the children. On the opposite side of the tower, there is a large slide Wave Slide, which is likely to be one of the biggest and most enjoyed slides in your play area. The large tower even makes use of the ample space beneath it with a Store Panel which allows children to set up shop on the ground floor.

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