Cougar Corral Playground Playset

The Cougar Corral is part tree house and part palace. Its gorgeous Hex Bulb Roof offers some protection from the sun, gives it a unique character, and makes it stand out on any playground. To reach the four foot tall hexagon-shaped deck underneath it, kids can either ascend the Transfer Station stairs or the Bamboo Climber. For ways down, they have even more options: a Right Turn Slide and a Double Slide. Between the two slides is a Stump Window Panel, which adds to the treehouse theme of the structure and invites kids to hide and play underneath the deck platform. Cougar Corral also has a Gear Panel that has enclosed gears of all different colors, which kids can spin by rotating the gear in the center. We offer many different color options for you to customize the Cougar Corral with.

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