Evans commercial playground systems

The Evans play system has fun hiding around every crag and corner. The first thing that kids are likely to notice about it is its selection of awesome plastic climbers. The Boulder Climber and Rock Hole Climber have realistic rocky shapes and textures that make kids feel as if they are real mountain explorers on an adventure. For less daring adventurers, the Arch Climber, Figure Climber, Vertical Ladder and Transfer Station provide quicker and easier routes to the top. Once they reach these upper decks, they can navigate around the structure by using its bridges. A charming Bamboo Arch Bridge links the two 4-foot platforms, while an enclosed Incline Tube Bridge provides the path up to the highest deck. Atop that 5-foot deck they will be delighted to find a Right Turn Slide, but if they look beneath the deck they will find another hidden area with a Store Panel and Bench Panel.

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