Greensboro Commercial Playground Equipment
Greensboro Play System

This all-out obstacle course, called the Greensboro, has a series of great activities for kids to enjoy every step of the way. The classic Overhead Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder provides a fun way to enter the structure while also promoting coordination and physical fitness. As children climb up the stairs, they will see that this play structure supports cognitive growth as well, with its interactive Gear Panel. Moving on, kids will then see the first of Greensboro’s two 5-foot tall Right Turn Slides. The second slide lies across an Arch Bridge, which has room for multiple children to run around on. Flanking the slide is a Wavy Snake Climber and Arch Climber. Serving as both exciting climbing areas and quick ways for kids to climb right back up to the entrance of the slide to ride again and again.

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