Standing at a single level, the Lawrence play system has three sections branching out from an elevated triangular platform with Arch Bridges. One arch bridge leads kids to an elevated platform with creative play elements awaiting. A Ship’s Wheel to sail the high seas! A Bubble Panel to look at their friends below! A Double Slide to race to the ground with a buddy! Another arch bridge leads to a platform that features a Gear Panel with turning shapes, as well as a fun Right Turn Slide to zip down. Finally, the last Arch Bridge opens to an elevated triangular platform that brings children to a game on the Tic-Tac-Toe Panel. Stairs and a Transfer Station are also provided. A Bench Panel on ground level provides a place for kids to rest and relax while they listen to their friends jam on the Bongos or be cashiers and customers with the imagination sparking Store Panel. ADA compliant, the Lawrence play structure is indeed great for toddlers even to middle schoolers.

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