Lizzy Lizard commercial playground systems
Lizzy Lizard

The Lizzy Lizard playset offers fun in truly epic proportions, with its massive tower of excitement that has three distinct levels. The ground level has tons of ADA accessible activities, including a pair of Single Drums, Bongos, and Store Panels, for plenty of creative outlets that encourage cooperative play. Above that is an enclosed 4-foot deck where kids can enjoy some privacy and play some games on the Tic-Tac-Toe Panel. But the real highlight of the structure is the level above that, which can only be reached by ascending the dazzlingly colorful Incline Covered Bones Bridge. The bridge sits next to a six-foot Spiral Slide which would be the crowning feature on almost any other play structure, but not the Lizzy Lizard. Across the bridge children will find a fully enclosed deck with a nine-foot height. This deck looks like the top of a mighty castle tower, and is decorated with a Tree Topper and Monkey Topper. It has a Bubble Window Panel for observation, and of course a massive Spiral Tube Slide.

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