Long Ponds commercial playground systems
Long Ponds

Children will have opportunities to run, climb, and slide on the Long Ponds playground structure, a commercial-grade installation suitable for parks, schoolyards, or wherever a lot of fun is needing to be found. This smartly built playset is jammed with fitness activities that’ll get kids exercising. The wide assortment of neat features includes a multi-sectioned Chain Ladder, whose face is ready for kiddos looking to carefully scoot from one side to the next. Another cool aspect is the spoon-shaped Saddle Sled, which will need a small amount of coordination control in order to swoop down to the ground. Nearby is an impressive Manhole Rope Climber, a vertical series of metal runged hoops surrounded by nets on the sides. Youngsters climbing through these stainless steel rings will enjoy seeing how high they can get. The structure also has a Floating Tunnel Climber which will challenge children to test their body strength and dexterity as they clamber through the bouncy rigging.

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