Matterhorn commercial playground systems

Matterhorn is a commercial-grade playground structure that merges hip design with robust exercise. Playground designers looking for equipment that promotes healthy fun need look no further. The most central portion of the structure is built around a framework that, on the sides, features a classic series of Overhead Swinging Ring Ladders. Hanging above along the opposite path are the revolving rings of an Overhead 3-Wheel Swing Ladder. Either of which is sure to assist children in developing upper arm strength and motor control. Branching out from these sections and affording kids plenty of room to play are a variety of additional features. They can continue to pull themselves hand over hand along the Overhead Parallel Bar Climber towards the first of two spoon-like Saddle Slides. Or they might choose to delicately walk across the Balance Beam, hop along the Pebble Climber’s steps, and then bravely scurry up the Curved PE Climbing Wall.

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