Commercial Mount Sinai Playground Play System
Mount Sinai Playground

Thou shalt surely have a blast with the Mount Sinai playset! This playground system encourages wholesome play that supports the development of healthy muscles and adeptness. Climbing, a beneficial physical activity in young kids, is the theme of each of Mount Sinai's nine ground-level components. In the center of the structure is a large Circle Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder, which has moving hand grips for children to swing from grip to grip for as long as their arm strength can muster. On either side of this there are two coordination-focusing activities. The 3 Wheel Overhead Spinner tests hand-eye coordination as children swing from one ring to another, while the Pebble Bridge challenges their fancy footwork as they step from one pebble to another. Each of these activities are flanked by a pair of smaller vertical climbers that have different styles of hand and foot holds.

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