North Bethesda commercial Play Set
North Bethesda Commercial Playground Set

This upper-body-focused maze of a strucure encourages strength, agility, and fun! Chldren can chase each other around this delightful play system that features two elevated platforms connected via an Overhead Horizontal Snake Ladder. The set has a Single Row Pebble Bridge, an Overhead Rung Ladder, and a Balance Beam for lots of options. The North Bethesda is ADA compliant, ideal for both budding gymnasts and beginning climbers. An excellent gym space provided on the playset, facilitates social and developmental play and is designed for kids in early elementary all the way up to middle school and thus a great choice for schools, parks, and other after-school care centers. Functional and fabulous, the North Bethesda ensures kids develop their stamina while socializing with friends and classmates. Of course, since it can hold up to twenty-one children at a time, it makes a great addition to recess and playtime.

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