Ophir Pass Backyard Playset
Ophir Pass Commercial Play Equipment

With four distinct climbers put together, the Ophir Pass play system is an all-in-one climbing station. It's tricky to find the next step on the Vertical Horizon Climber with its rounded shape and curved bars. The PE Rock Climber, a miniature rock wall, challenges children to climb up and sideways while holding on to its rotationally molded plastic hand grips. The Twisted Rung Climber may start out as an ordinary ladder but soon children will find themselves hanging on tight as they try to make it all the way to the last rung while climbing sideways. The highlight of the play system,The Tower of Rings in the middle, the highlight of the Ophir Pass, ties it all together. It features three suspended rings that kids can climb through the middle of, or along the outer edges. Kids will seamlessly climb in every direction, from one structure to the next, as they maneuver around this dynamic climbing station.

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