Sequoia Crest commercial playground systems
Sequoia Crest

Kids will be zooming through the Sequoia Crest play system as they prepare themselves to engage in all sorts of active fun. The easiest of these is the Tilted Lily Pad Bridge, which has slanted metal bars that kids can hold onto for balance. A tougher footwork challenge comes with the five independent Pebble Climber Steps, and the three bouncy Spring Steps. Hand-eye coordination is put to the test with the Curved Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder as they use their strength to swing from ring to ring. The two Craggy Climber Straight Sections encourage them to use both arms and legs at the same time to shimmy from one end to another. For a lighter activity, they can ride down the unique Saddle Slide that can be reached from the Pebble Climbers. Lastly, there is a Standing Orbital Spinner, where kids can rapidly twirl around in place to their heart's content.

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