Tyson's Corner Backyard Playground For Kids
Tyson's Corner Backyard Playground Equipment

The incredibly deisgned Tyson's Corner play system is a perfect centerpiece to any playground. When kids go up the Transfer Station stairs they will come upon a central deck platform with a hexagonal shape and prominently placed Drum Panel. This encourages creativity and children will make their own rhythms that underscore the sound of all the fun being had. The Single Drum and Bongos at the base of the playset provide accompaniment to the music as well. The hexagon deck diverges on either side of the Drum Panel into two 5 ft platforms, each having a slide. Perhaps the best aspect of Tyson's Corner are the diverse and awesome collection of climbers. These include an Inverted Arch Ladder, a Vertical Ladder, an Overhead Straight Trapezoid Loop Ladder, and the double section of Craggy Climber rock wall pieces.

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